Truthwitch Launch Party: Part Four

Welcome to part four of my Truthwitch Launch Party feature. Over the last couple days I’ve been sharing fun ways to celebrate the release of Truthwitch.

Yesterday I posted a colouring page activity using the US cover and the map so today’s fun idea involves the UK cover. Both covers are equally stunning, so I knew I couldn’t leave one out.


Similar to a colouring page, you can colour in the stained glass:



I left some coloursย so that it’s not too hard to figure out which colours go where. Feel free to use different colours and don’t worry if it doesn’t match up entirely, it’s purely for fun!

Here’s theย TruthwitchUKStainedย PDF file you can download with all three images.

ICYMI: Part One | Part Two | Part Three


6 thoughts on “Truthwitch Launch Party: Part Four

  1. This is such a great way to celebrate the release, and kudos to you for thinking of it! The artwork that you did is really cool as well. I can’t wait until Truthwitch comes out >_< It's taking forever, but now we just have one more day! Great post~

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